6 thoughts on “7th Sea, 2nd Edition, Quickstart – Episode 1

  1. Finally! An intelligent, excellent cast of an RPG that doesn’t make gamers look ridiculous. So often, there are episodes, or live play videos where everyone is so focused with the fact that they’re “on camera” that they act foolish, and the whole session is dang near unwatchable, and a little bit embarrassing. Thank you for sharing this, and as a fellow 7th Sea Second Edition backer, I can’t wait to hear more like this!

    • Wow, we’re really glad you enjoyed! Unfortunately just the one session for now but we’ll definitely be doing a 7th Sea campaign when it’s actually released.

  2. This is FANTASTIC. I absolutely love it. The cast is great and feel genuine. I normally hate actual play podcasts, but you guys feel organic and fun and keep a fast pace. This absolutely sells me on 7th Sea, 2nd Ed. and I’m so very glad I backed it.

    • High praise, we’re certainly glad you enjoyed! 7th Sea is one of our favourite games of all time so we’ll definitely be going back to it when it’s re-released!

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