The Heroes

  • Emery Dunwick – A stylish and charismatic necromancer from the Tempest Peaks.
  • Meryth – An elven hunter from the Woods of Sharp Teeth who has been encouraged to take a sabbatical.
    • Inky – Meryth’s three legged hound.
  • Ruidor – An elven druid from the distant Sapphire Isles who has travelled north in search of his spirit name.

The Villains

  • Volians – A race of vole-like humanoids that mostly dwell underground. It appears they live beneath the ruins to the south of Tubridge.

The Others

  • Baldrick – A member of the town guard of Tubridge.
  • Daphne – Landlady of the Golden Lamb (Rickshaw Street, Tubridge).
  • Deryl – Ranger in charge of the Tubridge way station.
  • Finbar – A soldier for hire who calls Tubridge home.
  • Milo – A priest of the former God known as Balevar, the All Knowing Judge.
  • Yev – A soldier for hire who calls Tubridge home. Zeb doesn’t seem to speak much.