Ennio, Aleksy and DomenicaAleksy Gracjan Nowak

A young, idealistic Prince who will do almost anything to see his people freed from the bondage imposed by their own nobility. Aleksy has a sharp tactical mind and a great deal of personal charisma, but his political skills leave something to be desired.

Domenica Vespucci

Engaged to the Prince of the Commonwealth. Domenica arranged the marriage herself, using her father’s name and seal without his knowledge. Upon seeing the Prince, she immediately insists that they must run, as “a bloody thread” is drawing tight around his neck.

Ennio Vespucci

The Fate Witch’s brother, and a famed Vodacce duelist. He was sent to ensure her safety throughout the wedding and beyond, as well as to make certain that the match is a good one. He’s also old friends with Roberto Gallo (the Captain). The two of them were inseparable many years ago, but their duties have kept them apart.